Many thanks to Christine Myskowsi, owner of Salt & Pepper Books in lovely Occoquan, Virginia for hosting a wonderful book signing event for me!  Saturday, Dec. 3 from 2:00 pm until about 4:00 pm I visited with friends and fans and we all had lots of fun!  Ate cookies, signed copies of Kitchen Addiction! while listening to jazzy Christmas tunes, and shopping - how great was that?  Also received some great local coverage from "The Patch" - the local newspaper!

Look for my return visit to Salt & Pepper Books!  Fabulous store ("a book for every cook" - not just your recipe book store; lots of kids cooking books and games; pots, pans and whisk Christmas ornaments; FUN aprons featuring "Seasons' Cheer" cosmos - lots and LOTS of great gift ideas...)

Check them out - and check back with me soon!

By the way, last night I whipped up a wonderful vat of a green curry featuring turkey broth base (we're big on leftovers; and I made the 2nd turkey the Saturday after Thanksgiving) and fresh eggplant, stringbeans and carrots.  Next to that, put together a pumpkin-carrot soup with fennel. Yum! Check in later!

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