Last Friday I was lucky enough to have yet another wonderful book signing; this time locally at Aaron's Books, Main Street in Lititz "Pee-ay."  En route there, I was lamenting to myself about my blog inertia; finding nothing to inspire me for a new post, etc. when luckily I found myself in a car accident.

Note to authors:  fender benders en route to book signing is not advisable.

Thankfully the poor soul in front of me, who I slid into, didn't suffer a knick on her car.  Unluckily for Sophie Sebring; she's is now the shop for a week getting mended with about $3,200 worth of repairs.  So while she's being fixed, this week I have Soul.  Specifically, a rental KIA Soul.  Who knew?

As for future book signings - the future book, the sequel to Kitchen Addiction! is about half-way thru its first draft - titled Confection Connection.

So, aside from novel writing, book signings and wrecking my car on the weekends, I'm getting back into the practice of cooking our meals for the week in the hopes that re-heating leftovers is quicker than preparing dinner each night, and we might actually eat before 10:00 p.m.   This week's fare consists of white turkey chili with canned chipotle peppers; pork and sauerkraut and cabbage casserole; and for our early Valentine's Day dinner celebrated last Saturday evening, bouillabaisse - which I actually went thru the trouble to concoct the rouille that every single recipe I read RAVED about. 

Served the soup in bowls, smelled heavenly.  Added the bread spread with the rouille as instructed, and sincerely wished we hadn't.  I'm sure it's good for something, aside from ruining a perfectly good fish soup.   So, lessons learned.  The other lesson being that using the insisted upon saffron was a complete waste.  Although I did include the prescribed fennel feel by using fennel seeds; was a nice twist.

So, we learned that we prefer my rendition of "Killer Shrimp Soup" to make a bouillabaisse.  For anyone curious; this last time I used haddock and tilapia; calamari, shrimp and mussels.  Pretty simple; takes like a half an hour to make.  Want this recipe? Or the others? Just email me:

Happy Valentine's Day folks - hope everyone enjoys a warm meal and good company, with a little champagne and chocolate, for good measure!

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