Sorry gang - I've been a baaad blogger... but HAVE been writing tons (halfway thru sequel to Kitchen Addiction! and in my lunacy decided to see if I can whip up a Christmas novella; about 30% into it - we'll see...)  However, LOTS going on!

Right now it looks like I'm going to be video interviewed soon for - woot! Details in the next week or so!

Also am encouraged by another upcoming author interview (written; magazine-style) on another site; details, site address and dates soon!

And VERY encouraged and grateful to be the recipient of several upcoming reviews!! Of course; fingers crossed they all like food, cats and Lancaster :)

Meanwhile - check out the FREE recipe booklet hubby and I concocted (he's a chef; you're good here). It's based on Kitchen Addiction! - of course lol ;) The complete version will be posted soon; but I couldn't wait.  This partial sample is on the "free samples" page/tab.

Hoping to get back to my silly stories next week...visiting family this weekend so bound to have more material lol ;)

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