I decided to write a novel after I read a lot of disappointing fiction while I was unemployed and had too much time on my hands (insert Hollywood visions of monthly calendar pages blowing away in fake wind here.)  I also think I have a pretty good sense of humor, like to make up stories, and was well, unemployed.  So I could start a novel or sit at the bar.  Since the unemployment thingy didn't really lend itself toward expensive cocktails, I bought a refurbished laptop from a single dad, his 2 boys and a Labrador Retriever, and began tapping away.
I also conned myself into writing for seemingly practicle reasons.  I was unemployed.  Even after I found a job, I was pretty sure I'd be digging myself out of some kind of debt. Having no knowledge whatsoever about the publishing industry, it seemed like a completely rational idea that selling a novel would be a pretty good part time job.  Well, at least it would beat a part time job being part of the Pooper-Scooper-Patrol. 

So, in order to create a book that was sellable, before I set down to invent any characters or plots, I set out to figure what other folks would like.  Who are the people who read a lot? What are some current trends?  What would I buy?  And, of course, write about what's familiar.  That's when I realized that while living and working in Lancaster, PA (pronounced PEE-AY by the natives) there are a lot of things I've learned to take for granted, that might be great fun for new readers (virtual tourists, in my mind) visiting my neck of the woods for a fun read.  I'm also a foodie wannabe, as my chef husband will attest.  And I love to entertain.  And, I do have somewhat of a catering disorder...hmm....

So, I made up Mina Kitchen, a 40's something single gal with a 20-something pound orange tabby cat with white mitts and one slightly crossed blue eye.  Mina is short for Wilhelmina. She's named after a great-grandmother Mina's never met and plans to thank in the hereafter by prodding a heavenly fork in her virtual side. Not because of inheriting her weird name, or even weirder nickname. It’s mostly because of inheriting her oddball catering disorder.

Her work buddies, Bauser, a techno-geek IT guy and Norman, who's pretty much a genious software engineer, stick by her, even after she loses her job at  Executive Enterprises for Job Intuitive Technologies, otherwise known as E.E.J.I.T.   So does Vito Spaghetti, her strange neighbor who has an obvious Swiffer addiction, as well as being a dry-cleaning junkie.  And Trixie, her RN buddy who works late night ER shifts.  And her Aunt Muriel, the polo pony crowd, and the senior gang at St. Bart's Episcopal.  It's not quite the cast of "War and Peace" but I can assure you, Mina's never lonely.  Well, at least not in KITCHEN ADDICTION!  As for the sequel....[SPOILER ALERT]...



06/02/2011 6:19pm


As promised, I am here... It was a very enjoyable visit and yes it did make me smile. Keep writing especially if it is your passion.

Take care,
Patricia Carrigan
Author Antiserum


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