I just microwaved some left-over chili for lunch.  I don’t often microwave my meal; and when I do I’m always reminded as to why I don’t:  it never heats through evenly.  The bowl is too hot; the chili has hot pockets and the rest is kind of tepid until I swirl through the few pockets of molten chili.  And even then I’m usually re-microwaving it and burning my fingers on the bowl. 

I shake my head at myself.  Why do I do this?  I much prefer re-heating chili on the stove - it takes about the same amount of time as microwaving - and re-microwaving - my food, although I wind up with an extra pot to wash. 

One result is less desirable than the other; so why do I do it?  Probably the illusion of speed and ease.  In my case, a bit of sloth - no extra pot washing.

As the case would have it, I’m fairly old school, so I usually don’t fall prey to this culinary transgression too often.

But I think there are a lot of microwave managed folks out there - falling prey to the illusion that everything can be cooked, served and consumed in one neat package with a minimum of fuss. 

I see a lot of relationships falling into this category.  Two grown-ups consult a virtual checklist of wants and needs and come together without doing any real initial ground work (slowly building trust and intimacy), or the constant maintenance work that is necessary for a healthy relationship. 

Yes, I said constant - just like stirring the pot, unless you want to wind up with a burnt out mess at the bottom.

Relationships for me, as a new writer, involve a lot of sitting around and looking at a blank screen; turning the laptop off and doing a load of laundry; finishing a chore or errand - thinking.  Sometimes the story also involves a lot of needed sifting and pruning, as was case with Kitchen Addiction! - I shudder to tell you the finished 300+ page paperback began its journey at almost double its bulk.

So - here I sit, taking a moment to let you in on my discoveries about my writing process - while I chew and mull over a portion of the story in Confection Connection.

I think you’re going to like it.  Because simmering wins hands-down over microwaving, any day.



08/08/2012 7:19am

The blog post is related to the maintenance of the microwave.I like the blog post to read.Thanks a lot.

Lizz Lund
10/05/2012 3:31pm

great! you're very welcome!



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